Fiiiiiinally! Janet Devlin has been booted off the X Factor. Hurray! While this makes me happy - she no longer deserved her place in the competition, her songs were weak, her yelping and yodelling grated on my nerves with each passing note and her repetitive arm throwing dance move conjured up images of a distressed elephant - with her gone, there's not much more to talk about! The remaining four acts headed for the semi final are all brilliant. The jury's out as to who will reign supreme but at this point it doesn't really matter. Tulisa's little muffins, (really you've got one muffin and four skinny cereal bars) Little Mix will become this year's answer to One Direction, Misha B will head state side a la Cher Lloyd where the public don't dislike her (yet), leaving either Amelia Lily or my favourite, Marcus, to be moulded into Simon Cowell's Christmas Number One puppet. Come to think of it, the worst thing that could happen now for any of these four would be to win.

Saturday night's 'guilty pleasures' and 'heroes' show kicked off with what's fast becoming the best thing about X Factor - another enjoyable dance number from the man we'd most collectively like to bed, Dermot O'Leary. 

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