So, the weasel made it through after landing in the bottom two, again. It was inevitable that Cheryl would be faced with the predicament of having two of her own girls in the sing off and there is no doubt in my mind that the better singer got the boot. I also agree with her decision to abstain from voting. But how could they save Katie and not Treyc? To be honest, I don't think it would be a major loss to the show if either of them went, but why give Katie another chance. Can the judges not see what's happening? Katie has been in the bottom two because people don't like her, fact. So, I ask this question, (particularly aimed at Louis, Simon and Dannii, who obviously read this every Monday morning) is there much point in keeping someone in the competition if they keep landing in the bottom two, due to the fact that the public don't like them. This in turn means that, they won't win the final but if they do (which would fuel the fixed rumours), no one will buy their albums because they DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO THEM. God lads, seriously get the hint. Katie is not liked, end of and who cares if she's a fighter Louis.

The drama that unfolded on the stage during Katie's save me song, was unnecessary, but that's the weasel for you. What professional falls to the floor and literally begs for votes? It doesn't happen. She can sing and put on a show, but X Factor is not the way for her to do it. Now she has her name out there, Katie needs to go next week, enjoy the UK and Ireland tour and then go looking for the record contract, which I have no doubt will land in her lap. Urrrgh *takes a deep calming breathe* Come 8.50pm on Sunday, I had no nails left, thanks to Mary Byrne. I thought Dermot would never call her name. The poor woman seemed to have a really bad week and she's one of the only contestants that I really feel for when the tears come streaming from her face. Maybe I'm biased, but she just a genuine person, no bull, a joy to watch.

Enough about that though, the real star from Saturday was Matt. Wow. He was just fantastic. 'The First Time', is a very beautiful song and the painter did it all the justice it deserved. Even Cheryl was amazed as she turned to Dannii mid-song and said, "WOW". Rebecca Ferguson was exceptional but, it's getting a little boring watching her stand still and move her hand up and down. An up tempo routine and a few jazz hands would be nice to see and would certainly help her confidence.

Paije Richardson is one of those contestants who demonstrates the good that can come out of a reality singing contest like this. He has really leaped out of his shell and proved that he was the right choice for a wild card. His version 'I'm a believer/ Hey Ya' was superb, bar the start of Hey Ya. Twas a little shaky, but he soon bounced back. He brings on the urge to want to hug the TV for three or four minutes. There's not a lot to say about the rest of them, One Direction were fun, Aidan Grimshaw was intense (zzzzz) and then Wagner gave it his best shot. Louis was even shocked he got through last night.

On to the special guests on the results show. Shayne Ward kept his top on, unfortunately, but his pretty face made up for that. The wonderful Kylie Minogue played an exclusive of her new song. She also nearly face planted the floor but managed to save her self just in time. In these shoes, it was bound to happen.

So, on to next week where final nine will take on Elton John's back catalogue and we will see Take That, in the company of Robbie Williams and Westlife on Sunday's show. In the shake of a lambs tail, I'll have the performances over in Best of the Web, just need to get a cuppa into me and warm up first.

-Alicia Coyle.

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