Words: Robin Murray.

Another weekend goes by, yet again dominated by the X Factor. I must say, a lot of people have been saying that this year's hopefuls are the most hopeless in the show's history, but personally, I like all three acts in the top 3 and, for me, that NEVER happens. (Eg. 2008 - Liked Alexandra Burke; liked JLS; loathed Eoghan Quigg. 2009 - Liked Joe; had a love-hate relationship with Olly Murs; was equal parts endeared and irritated by Stacey Solomon. 2010 - Was indifferent to Matt Cardle; was irritated by Rebecca; LOVED One Direction).

This year is interesting because there isn't a clear favourite. That's not to say that I think any of them could win it because Amelia-Lily's going to finish third, end of. But between Marcus Collins and Little Mix, there's no indication as to who's more popular; neither have ever been in the bottom two and both appear to have fanatical support, if the studio audience’s reaction is any indicator. I’m hoping with all my heart that Little Mix win because they’re something the show has never had: a decent girl group that has a shot at becoming properly successful. Marcus is nice and talented, but let’s be honest, he's a prettier version of Joe McElderry. Think about it, they're both tinchy, perma-smiling, overly-groomed and have as much sex appeal as Kermit the Frog.

My prediction is that whether or not Little Mix win the show, they will be the most successful act from this year's batch. Marcus is loveable but he's too bland to sustain interest; I foresee him releasing albums of covers for the mother's day/Christmas market a la McElderry and Mary Byrne in the not-so-distant future...

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