Due to the fact that it was Halloween over the weekend, the theme was, well, Halloween. Since Saturday night was the night to go and celebrate, I turned into Cruella De Vil and abandoned my telly, in favour of looking for 101 Dalmations. Sunday was my day of catch up and as I was slightly tender and emotional from the night before, I got a little teary eyed during a few of the performances, especially Cher Lloyd's. It was great to see her just singing and not cocking her lip, proving that she does deserve her place on the show. It was, as Simon said, the performance of the series. She looked amazing, she sang perfectly and did the song all justice as it deserved.

Those that didn't do it for me were Wagner, Aidan Grimshaw and Katie Waissel. Did anyone understand a word Wagner was 'singing'? Right, I get the entertainment factor and yes it's refreshing knowing that it's not all serious but come on, he was a disgrace and those dancers? Again, all they did was dry hump him, which has become custom every week. Aidan sang Michael Jackson's Thriller. One of the best songs of all time and he crucified it. My other half had no clue what he was singing and when I informed him of what it was, he went totally silent. That just said it all. I'm all for alternative versions, but that was bad (no pun intended) and off tune. I won't dwell on Katie's Bewitched number, or her stupid eye lashes, as she infuriates me and I want to stay in a good mood today. Ireland's own Mary Byrne opened the show, with some devil horns and did us proud, the crowd cheered her on throughout the judges comments and I had goose bumps all the way through. Go wan de Buuuurn *punches air* The main highlight was when Simon and Cheryl had a bit of a spat. The music mogul commented after Treyc's stunning performance that she and mentor Cheryl didn't have a connection, blaming his fellow judge for not giving her act as much attention as Katie, Cher and Rebecca. He continued to put her on the spot when he asked where Ms Cohen was from. After a nervous smile and a giggle and a quick ramble through her Geordie brain, Cheryl said Birmingham. Ding, ding ding, good save Tweedy.

On Sunday's results show the yummy Bon Jovi *swoons* took to the stage with all the contestants. He may have sang live but the final 11 didn't, shocker that. That's really bad seen as that's the whole point of them being there, they can't be trusted obviously. The American rockstar belted out Livin' On A Prayer and it was excellent. Funkadelic genius Jamiroquai played an exclusive of his new song (back in the day when X Works and Eclipse Jeans were all the rage, he was the coolest guy on the planet, I actually thought it was possible for me to marry him) and the other special guest was Rihanna, who opted to have a food fight on stage. Was kind of hoping that one of the dancers, or Rihanna, would throw some cake at Dermot but, they didn't. When Dermo then began to announce the results, I found myself hiding underneath my budda bag, for fear that he would never read out Mary's name. A lot of disgusting profanities came out of my mouth when I heard Wagner's name being called. But, the last two standing were Katie and Belle Amie (who I like to call an Irish act because of Rebecca Creighton, she is the best singer out of the ladies after all). I thought the group did well on Saturday and Katie deserved to be at the bottom of the barrel, her and her black roots. Louie brought it to deadlock, which excited me as I thought the weasel would have received the fewer amount of votes; but tragically, she's in it for another week. The girls should be proud of what they have achieved and as much as they claim it's not the last we'll see of them, I think it is. Each of them want too much of the spotlight and they won't agree to let one or two of the girls take the lead.

I would continue on by talking about what happened on the Xtra Factor, but Konnie Huq makes me want to throw the TV out the window so, I don't watch it.

-Alicia Coyle.

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