Another Monday, another X Factor round up. Entertainment wise, it was a great weekend. I would like to ask why Simon and the producers decided to have an Elton John themed night on Saturday, didn't he once say that he hated the show? If memory serves me right, he apparently branded talent shows like this as "boring" and "paralysing brain crippling". Maybe this was Simon's way of winning him round. Anyhoo, Sir Elton has had some fantastic songs like Rocket Man and Candle in the Wind, so it was great hearing the contestants take on songs that are some of the greatest ever written.

Performance wise, I don't think I could fault anyone. Rebecca, as usual, was stunning and brought me into a trance. I don't think there is any chance of seeing her in the bottom two. Others who really stood out were Matt Cuddles (so Dannii is now calling him), Cher Lloyd, who is really growing on me, LOVED her version of Sorry Seems To Be/ Mocking Bird, One Direction and clearly, Mary Byrne, who's daughter braved a flight to see her mum sing. Do you notice that the Irish woman pronounces every single word perfectly, down to the last 't' or 'y' and my other half, Conor, brought up a very good point, do people love her for her singing or is it her personality? It's a good point. Don't get me wrong now, she has an unbelievable talent but will 15-year-olds buy her album should she win and does she have the best voice in the competition? Paije gave it his all and seemed happy when he finished up but, when the judges finished with him, the poor guy was deflated so when his name was called on Sunday's results show, he was utterly shocked he wasn't in the sing off. His performance was great, not sure what Simon and co were listening to. Wagner wasn't too bad, it has to be said. The first half was good but when he broke into The Circle of Life, it went a little creepy. I like the way he gave out to Louis for not saying his name correctly, yet again. I know where he's coming from as my own name causes pronunciation issues for some and if a certain amount of time passes and people still can't get it right, it's just darn right ignorance and bad manners. However, it didn't stop the Brazilian showing his mentor some love when Dermot revealed he was safe for another week.

On the results show, we were treated to the scrumptious JLS (probably one of the best things to come from X Factor), our very own Westlife and the newly re-formed Take That. Seeing Robbie on stage with Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange (who's skinnier then my baby finger) brought me back a few years. 15, in fact, as everyone kept saying but Mark looked like a giddy ten year old. He was short of actually humping Robbie on stage. Let's also address Cheryl's outfit, WTF? What was on her head? What was she wearing and who the hell allowed her go on telly like that? She looked like a futuristic Cat Woman, or as Sheena put it  Gary Oldman's Vlad III Draculea *giggles*, there are similarities. Maybe she thought it was fancy dress or summit.

Now, on to the results and poor, poor Aiden. Do we believe that Katie was saved by the public and he received fewer votes? I think not. It's going to be a recurring theme seeing Katie fight for survival. In fairness to her, she was better then Aiden in the sing off but at the end of the day, she isn't liked by the public. I did feel very sorry for her though, it's not easy to keep going knowing that most of the population don't like you. If it were me, I'd walk away. Katie on the other, she'll keep going like the little trooper she is, bless (sarcasm).

-Alicia Coyle.

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