That's the only viable explanation as to why they keep insisting on shoving him into people's faces.

Papers today insist that the 18-year-old honk monster, with the all the charisma and talent of keratinized pigmented filaments (AKA hair), has been asked to join the X Factor tour.

The Sun claims a source said: "'If he keeps his nose clean (badum-ting) there will be a place for him." The tour kicks off in February and will take in top venues including Wembley Arena and Manchester's MEN Arena. Eight acts including Johnny Robinson, Kitty Brucknell and newcomer Amelia Lily - who is tipped to win - will feature on the tour, earning £700 per day. "

Given Frankie was seen emerging from Aura nightclub at kicking out time (3am) last night in the company of some upstanding and highly original young folk, the contents of his nose is probably contains the half hundred bag and most of his brain. That's probably why he's been saying nothing else bar "I'm an idiot" since he left the show.

Quiet Frankie, I don't give a damn... but the rest of the press does, that's why there's bugger all else to report on.