It was bound to happen at some stage... rudie words and everything. And, might we add, Simon should considering letting Susan Boyle, complete with tash, to release an accompanying interpretive dance video to Killing In The Name Of.

D'you know what? He probably will 'n all. He wouldn't care as long as it makes money. Bear in mind that he's high up in Sony BMG - who has singed Joe McElderry and one Rage Against The Machine... Now there's a cunning stunt if ever there was one.

In other 'All the press are talking about these days is Tiger Woods and the' X Factor news: did you know Olly Murs once appeared on Guessy Guessy Boxy Boxy?

Oh, and him and Robbie Williams are best mates now:

"Robbie's a really good mate of mine now. Great lad - we just clicked straight away. He rang me and told me he was gutted I didn't win, but that he wishes me all the best. He wants me to go to his house in LA after the X Factor tour. He's got a football pitch in his garden and wants me to come over and play football with him. He's invited me to Soccer Aid as well, which I'm really chuffed about. I'm living the boyhood dream - I'm going to play at Old Trafford and I'm a massive Man Utd fan. Robbie was amazing to work with and it's been an absolute pleasure."