Cheryl - last seen drying herself after a spray tan on the cover of her new single (the only reasonable explanation for that pose) - has been called "disgusting" by an X Factor contestant. So why isn't this post appearing in TV News, I hear you possibly not mumble? Well, said contestant is not a current one, rather an offering from 2010. On top of that, it's Katie Waissel. Apparently she's the lead singer with a band that we're not going to mention the name for obvious reasons.

Anyway, in an interview with New! magazine, Katie said of Cheryl's treatment of current contestant Raign (who, to be fair, is really annoying): "She’s the only one who’s been disgusting to be honest - to make such comments, you’re like, ‘Wait, who are you?’ It’s annoying. It’s not even TV, it’s just nasty. Simon Cowell has given her a second chance. She should make the most of it. It’s a bit of a s**t show, to be honest.”

It never fails to sadden me that PEOPLE THINK THIS SH*T IS REAL. I've only been watching this year's X Factor via the people on Gogglebox, and they think it's all real. It'd be frightening if it wasn't so depressing. Lads, Cheryl has been given a wedge of money to act the shirty pantomime dame (presumably Simon wants a break this year).

In other news, Cheryl won't be joining any of her minions for a sing song at the final because, well, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell never have (on account of them not being able to sing). Here's what Katie had to say about that: "I don’t want her to sing through it and I don’t think anybody else does... She looks beautiful in her calendar but no, don’t sing Cheryl. She can dance. But stop it.”

Fair point. The following, however, is quite the eyebrow raising comment given it made her a household name: "If I could turn back time and not fill out that form [to participate in The X Factor], I would give every penny in my bank account to do so. I have been tarnished by something I can never get away from. Ever."