And so it was off to Boot Camp this week for 187 hopeful X Factor contestants, all sharing the one dream of signing a record deal. But, rather than spend their time warming up their vocals, the contestants were invited to strip off willy-nilly and lob the gob on one another at a drink-fuelled, pineapple stick - tub party which has now landed ITV in hot water (pardon the pun) for airing such sleazy behaviour before the Saturday night watershed. While Frankie Cocozza worked his way around all the cooing ladies, poor Luke Lukas thought that all his Christmases had come at once in the presence of all those semi-naked women. "I'm so happy!" he beamed to the camera as all around him girls were jumping into hot-tubs in their bikinis. Dancing the night away, the acts had no idea what would happen next... 'Dun Dun DUNNNN'

Cruising around London, for no apparent reason other than to look important, the judges were hatching a cunning plan. Before they'd even get a chance to sing, Barlow and co would weed out 35 contestants. And to be honest, this was about the only exciting thing about Boot Camp because once we got this shocking move out of the way, (which wasn't even that shocking as we were never even introduced to these unfortunates in the first place so didn't even care) it was a case of seeing everyone we've already seen too much of (Frankie, namely) parade about on stage in slightly different outfits. Frankie kept it in his skinny jeans (his bum, that is), Mishca Bryan dipped her head in purple tie dye, Samantha Brooks thought a turban and an Indian spot between her eyebrows might enhance her look (it didn't) while Kitty Brucknell decided to thrust her crotch about in a GaGa inspired light-up onesy (it was horrific).

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