The MTV "Europe" Music Awards are tonight so it's no surprise that the diva quotient in Munich is on high alert at present. The latest (*ahem* non-European) artist to pull a strop is professional collaborator Wyclef Jean. He took issue with the size of his room; "It was minuscule. I had to crouch in the shower. But if I bring women back, I'm flexible so I should be able to perform." Good to know. You'll be happy to hear that that it won't just Americans appearing at the EMAs - some genius in production decided it'd be just a super idea to have Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse duet for the ceremony's finale, not in any way glorifying rampant drug use to young viewers. According to someone mumbling to The Mirror; "It's been a closely-guarded secret and may still fall apart at the last minute (*gasps* REALLY?!) This duet could be a blinding success or an unmitigated disaster if they've been on the booze or any dodgy substances." Other non-European stars rumoured to perform at the EUROPE Music Awards include Avril Lavigne, the Foo Fighters and the bird who can sing in The Pussycat Dolls. You can see the Americans/Avril Lavigne take over the awards show on MTV from 9pm tonight... my bet is on Snoop presenting in ill-fitting Lederhosen.