One of the WTF pinnacles of 2010's first half had to be the Bogdanov twins rollicking the red carpet in Cannes. Jedward, beware. Britney Spears claimed she wants to be frozen when she departs us, and - our annual WTF moment came courtesy of the Eurovision on May 31st.

There was a serious WTF overload when Cheryl Cole contracted her well documented illness on June 5th (what wasn't all the drama in store for her; there was also divorce, Gamugate and the odd resulting death threat). The final Big Brother ever kicked off on June 9th, and was typically shabby; we got a load of blokes to dress up as the birds from Sex and The City for a telly; and Piers bloody Morgan announced he was taking over from Larry King's revered show stateside (it actually happened - he launched it in London - for some reason - on December 8th). That's not all - he got someone to marry him too.

My personal 'I've just been hit in the chops with a cold fish' moment came in the form of Konnie Huq declaring she was engaged to Charlie Brooker... Then they actually married in late August. W.T.F.

The second half of the year was more exciting. Promise.