Roses, dinosaurs and a whole lot of twerking. Yes, August was one to remember. Here's why.

5. THAT awkward proposal from the Rose of Tralee last night

New levels of awkwardness were achieved on the Rose of Tralee this year, all thanks to one overzealous boyfriend and now fiancé. 

4. Taylor Swift reacting to Miley Cyrus at the VMAs is amazing

While jaws may have dropped the world over at Miley's VMA antics, it was Taylor Swift's reactions to the twerking and thrusting that were truly the shining moment of the evening.

3. Patrick Stewart hilariously explains the 'quadruple take'

Jean-Luc Picard proving that life truly does get better with age, and teaches us a thing or two about acting while he's at it.

2. If you think Sky News was bad with the royal baby coverage...

We all went Royal Baby crazy in July, but this Vine showing how ridiculously hypocritical the Daily Mail were was just perfect.

1. Japanese dinosaur prank may be the best prank we've ever seen

If you haven't seen this prank yet, you were well and truly living under a rock. Another site breaker, this brilliant Japanese prank was one of the best we've ever seen, and plenty of others seemed to agree with the story racking up millions of views in mere hours.