In case you thought there might be a chance we'd go a week or two without reporting on Donald Trump's increasingly deranged outbursts on Twitter or the fallout of such, guess again.

Earlier this week, Trump threatened former Vice President Joe Biden with actual physical violence in a tweet responding to a speech he made well over a year ago during the run-up to the US Presidential Election. For whatever reason, Trump decided this week was the opportune time to respond and claimed that Biden "doesn't know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way."

Again, the person making these comments is currently the President of the United States Of America. Anyway, the tweet caused an uproar because of course it did, and the whole thing eventually reached the ears of one Terry Funk. For anyone out there who isn't up on their wrestling, Funk is pretty much a god in the business and pioneered the "hardcore" style of wrestling that involves beating people over the head with bins, fold-up chairs, ladders and various other household items.

At 73, just two years younger than Biden and two years older than Trump, Funk has put forth an offer to both men - get in the ring and wrestle. In an interview with Deadspin, the Funker said that "(if) those guys went at it, it would be a very, very shitty thing to watch. I’d love to get in the ring with those two assholes. Both of them at once would be fine with me. They don’t even have to tag in. If either one of them’s looking for an ass kicking, tell them to call me up."

You may scoff and laugh, but don't forget that both Terry Funk and Donald Trump are WWE Hall of Fame members, and Joe Biden was a defensive back in American football in his youth - so if there was to be a triple-threat match, our money goes with either the Funker or Diamond Joe Biden.

Trump would absolutely 100% get his ass handed to him.


Via Deadspin