Since they've seen their sales slide around the globe, McDonalds has been on the lookout for new ways to get customers through the door, and a lot of that might be based around switching things up on their menu

Recently, they've been trialing new fancy burgers, and now in South Korea, they've decided to tamper with their chips. Their latest offering is the strange combination of butter, honey and french fries, which is either going to be incredibly delicious, or truly horrible.

The reason they've chosen South Korea for this particular product is that last year, a brand of crisps that had this flavour combination became a national sensation, and had people queuing around the block to get their hands on the treat, leading shops to limit customers to one bag per person.

They were flavoured with "sweet, sweet honey from beehives" and "French gourmet butter", and McDonalds want to tap into that insatiable human desire for the sweet and savoury combo by adding the seasoning to their chips. Judging from the ads they've got going, it looks both delicious and so bad for you that you might want to contact your next of kin before you eat it, just as a perfunctory warning. 

Pic via DesignTaxi

There's no word as to whether or not they'll make it over here, but if it's popular enough and there's money to be made, it might end up over here yet.

Via DesignTaxi