GQ Magazine have released who they believe to be the men who didn't wriggle into anything decent of a morning in the last year. The list goes thusly:

1. Jonathan Ross
2. Russell Brand
3. Gordon Brown
4. Jamie Hince (AKA Mr. Moss off The Kills)
5. Rhys Ifans
6. Jeremy Clarkson
7. Alistair Darling
8. Sir Cliff Richard
9. Jay Jopling (Some son of a lord. Hangs out with "orty types" like Sam Taylor-Wood and Tracey Emin)
10. Ricky Gervais

The list, which was lovingly compiled by "contributors to the men's magazine" (i.e. those not famous enough to appear on the list itself) obviously have an aversion to rock 'n roll tryhards, people who dress like their single uncle who still lives at home, and Jonathan Ross.

Of the (some might say deserved) winner, writer Tony Parsons commented: "His jokes aren't funny anymore and neither are the suits. His clothes make you cry", while Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh said their Prime Minister "seems like he's dressed by his mother rather than his wife". David "I'm married to Elton" Furnish saved his wrath for Russell Brand, likening him to "drag queen on acid".

I don't know about you, David, but I prefer Russell's body - recently seen naked on an Australian balcony - furnished with whatever attire he happens to have strewn by his bedside.