When people want to describe a soccer game as being open, free-scoring and non-stop, they normally describe it as being like a game of basketball.

This game, however, was not like a game of basketball at all, as a high school basketball match between Bibb County and Brookwood in Alabama ended 2-0. That's one score, from inside the key, all game.

According to SB Nation, that is the joint record for the lowest-scoring game of all time, and the only other time a game has ended with such a low score was back in 1977. At this point, you must be thinking to yourself, were the teams just really terrible and can't shoot to save their lives? Well, no, there's more to it than that.

As it turns out, there was no shot clock for this game for some reason, meaning that once Bibb County got on the board in the first quarter, both teams decided to play keep-ball for the rest of the game, waiting for the last minute in the game to try and get a winning score. There were almost no shots in the whole game up until that point, when there were 7 shots by both teams combined, all of which were missed.

Sure, no one scored except for that one kid early doors, but they probably had decent fundamentals...or something.

Via SB Nation