The WAG has evolved somewhat in the last decade - and that can only be seen as a good thing, right? The WAG of 2006 an 2010 was all blonde extensions, hoisted boobs and oversized bags - and while that may remain the same in some cases (here's doffing the cap to you, Leah Totton off The Apprentice), it's heartening to know the 'WAGS' of today are more established in their own right

Speaking of which, let's kick off (apologies) with Totton. You may recognise her as that doctor off the most recent series of The Apprentice (you know the one where Sir Sugar was investing in a person's business idea, as opposed to slotting them into his company for a year or two). Things are going so well for Leah that she's reportedly unable to join her other half, Celtic's Fraser Foster, in Brazil as she's launching an new area of her cosmetic procedure clinic.

Next up, we have Coleen Rooney. Sure, her relationship with Wayne Rooney has opened a lot of doors for her, but at least she's utilised them. A lot of people in her privileged position would've been happy to recline on their laurels, lolling around the big gaff and what not. Coleen's latest venture includes hanging out with a load of ladies in bikinis she designed for Littlewoods.

You may recognise Frank Lampard's missus, Christine Bleakley... In fact, you probably recognise Christine Bleakley more than England Midfielder Frank Lampard. No introduction necessary here, but - in case you don't have a telly - she started off on The One Show and now she's the 'go to' individual for ITV whenever Holly Willoughby is unavailable/too pregnant.

Christiano Ronaldo has been dating world famous Victoria's Secret model Irina Shayk (Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova to her Russian parents) for over four years now - kinda proving that - contrary to popular belief - he's not 100% in love with himself. Irina's upcoming projects include appearing in the new Hercules movie alongside Dwayne 'THE RAWK' Johnson, Ian McShane and John Hurt.

And, lastly, today's representation of The WAG is Shakira. Indeed this is someone who initially made her name singing about her shimmying hips' inability to fib, and how her "small and humble breasts" can be easily "confused with mountains", but she's been a household name since 2001 - unlike Barcelona player Gerard Pique. Just saying.