As efforts to contain the coronavirus escalate, it's likely that more and more of us will be required to start working from home.

While working from home might be a doddle for some, others are new to it.

Thus planetary scientist Emily Lakdawalla asked those with WFH experience to share tips on Twitter.

For some it's all about setting a routine and setting yourself a number of rules and bvoundaries.


Other emphasised not being too strict on yourself as it can be a tough adjustment.


Still others who have cats in their houses have felt the pressures of working from homes as their feline friends see it as an opportunity to get some love and attention.


Speaking of, your clothing is important as it ensures you enter "work mode."


Set boundaries with those your living with is another helpful piece of advice.


Last but not least, get outside and breathe the fresh air. Don't get cooped up if you're working from home.