Any good actor will tell you that most of acting is actually reacting.

The idea being that you have to be able to project a credible reaction to whatever's in front of you and what speaks to the truth of that character. Say for example, you're a Hollywood actor and you're at centre court in Wimbledon and you see a man get hit in the balls by a tennis ball at high speed.

What does that reaction look like? Well, as it turns out, something like this.

You might think that, you know, that's not really much of anything. Well, there's more. In a nutshell, Woody Harrelson was probably one of the most talked-about things at Wimbledon besides, y'know, the tennis.

There was Woody not being allowed back to his seat with his beer whilst Oscar winner Mark Rylance looks on...

And then you've got Woody Harrelson attempting to check the dryness around his mouth caused by... something?

And then, of course, there's politely clapping at a match with a face that says you're not entirely sure what's going on, but you understand basic social functions and need to maintain a veneer of calm.

Considering how most tennis matches at Wimbledon regularly cut to the audience and show painfully posh people looking as if they would rather be literally anywhere else in the world, it's heartening to know that someone like Woody Harrelson - who's knocking back beer and most likely on some good sh*t - is in there, just yucking it up for everyone.

More of this at despicably posh sporting events, please. Better yet, just mic up Woody Harrelson for the remainder of Wimbledon and give him his own camera crew. Let's see him make drunk talk with other Oscar winners at Wimbledon.

That's the kind of sporting coverage people actually want.