He may have top notch security as Frank Underwood in Netflix's 'House of Cards', but now Kevin Spacey can finally retire his own personal security detail after the stalker who terrorized him for two years was sentenced to four years in federal prison.

55-year-old Linda Louise Culkin was sentenced yesterday and ordered to pay Spacey $124,000 in restitution for the bodyguards he was forced to hire after he received multiple threats from Culkin.

Spacey described the threats, which came in mail, bomb threat and social media form, as a 'relentless pursuit' and that it was 'difficult to measure the degree of terror' it caused.

Culkin's threats included torture, castration and disembowelment and she said she would blow him to smithereens. In her defense, she blamed the outbursts on 'mental-­health issues' and 'didn’t mean it to be as vindictive as it came out' before apologizing to the actor.

Culkin pleaded guilty in November last to charges including mailing threatening communications, and sending false information regarding explosives, and is currently 2 years into her sentence after her arrest in January 2012.