Life in the 21st century rule no. 763: lock down that Twitter profile before you go job hunting. And rule 764? Don't go calling your new job 'f*** ass' on social media where people can see it. Especially the day before you start.

Twitter user @Cellla_ tweeted the following (NSFW) the evening before starting her new job in a pizzeria in Texas, and even though she didn't mention the actual job or employer, word got back to her boss who was none too pleased.

His response? Immediate termination (with prejudice).

Cella's story subsequently went viral, and while the cynical part of our brain says this is all marketing for Jet's Pizza, we desperately want it to be real so we're choosing to believe it.

Cella has since deleted the offending tweet, and Robert Waple has deleted all of his tweets, but because everything lives forever online we have all the above to enjoy. And Cella's still left this gem of a reply to her would-be boss up, which we think we'll end on.

Kids these days eh?