A woman in New Zealand who got lost after taking a wrong turn on a run managed to survive until she was found by drinking her own breast milk and covering herself in dirt to stay warm. 

29-year-old Shauna O'Brien was taking part in a 20km run through a forest near Wellington on Sunday when she took the wrong turn, setting her off her route and causing her to become disorientated. 

Trapped out in the open during wind and high rain, O'Brien had to spend the night in the wilderness trying to survive and thinking of her family to get her through. She stated that she employed two main techniques, digging a hole in the ground and covering herself in dirt and drinking breast milk for energy: "one thing that helped me, I'm breastfeeding my baby, so I had a bit of my milk because I thought that would help me keep going for energy". 

Late on Monday she was found by a helicopter with heat-detecting sensors and reunited with her husband and two children, before being brought to hospital for a check-up. 

Via ABS CBN News