A woman in Pennsylvania is suing her employer because they wouldn't let her work a schedule that allowed her to avoid rush hour traffic. 

Anyone who makes the long commute to work everyday stuck in slow-moving traffic for hours will know how much easier their life could be and how much their stress levels would be lessened if they were able to work a different schedule, and one woman in Pennsylvania is adamant that she should get just that. 

Andrea DeGerolamo is suing her former employer, Fulton Financial, on the basis that their policy contravenes the state's Laws Against Dsicrimination, according to USA Today. DeGerolamo requested a shift "by which she could come in after morning rush hour and leave prior to evening rush hour" as driving in traffic was aggravating her anxiety and that her medical condition "qualified her as  being disabled", but it is claimed that they were resistant to it. 

Although the company accommodated her for a short period, in May of last year her contract there was terminated. Neither DeGerolamo's lawyer nor the company made any comment when contacted by USA Today. 

Via USA Today.