Clearly, no one ever taught her about using a glass and a bit of paper...

There are plenty of spiders in the average house, and most of the time you can just leave them to go about their business in the corners, catching other bugs that we're not so fond of. You can even given them names like Harold or Franklin, and ask them to chip in on the internet bill if they stick around for long enough, after all they're always on the web. Sorry. 

Anyway, clearly, 34-year-old Ginny Griffith of Kansas is not a fan of the creatures as she decided to try and get one out of her house by setting fire to it, which is up there with the worst ideas we've ever heard. Griffith used a lighter to set some towels alight and form...well we don't really know what she was planning on doing with the flaming towels but it involved fighting the spider somehow. Perhaps using them as a sort of flaming whip? 

Unsurprisingly, this led to a rather larger fire than she had accounted for, and her whole house caught fire. No word on whether the spider survived, but fortunately enough no one else was injured. 

Griffiths has been charged with aggravated arson, and we've all learned a valuable lesson from her: while you might be able to fight fire with fire, you can't really fight spiders with fire because that just leads to a really big fire, which in turn should be fought with appropriate extinguishing equipment. 

Via Newstalk