Have the Darwin Awards for 2016 been announced yet? The below story is a prime contender for Gobshite of the Year, and also confirms that humanity's obsession with selfies has reached a new low.

A woman had to be rescued from the highest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis, yesterday when she attempted to climb it armed only with a selfie stick and dressed in shorts and trainers.

Several climbers have been killed on the mountain - in Scotland's Grampian Mountains - in recent months, but that didn't stop 28-year-old Sarah Albone from attempting to climb it alone in such poor conditions and so poorly equipped.

Although she's a cross-country runner, she made a snap decision to take on the mountain peak while on a mountain biking holiday in Scotland.

Writing on a mountaineering forum, she said: “I had] just the stuff I had packed for the weekend and a stupid selfie stick. I kind of knew I was underprepared, and didn’t actually intend on getting to the top. I just sort of thought, ‘oh I’ve got this far – it’s not too bad – let’s carry on’.”

She was found by chance, having become disoriented and in the early stages of hypothermia, and had to be walked off the mountain by a rescue team because conditions were too bad for a helicopter to fly in.

“I think if it had not been for these guys I could have died," she said. You don't say.



Via The Guardian