Dressing up - let's be honest, we haven't done it in months. But dressing up as a character from an iconic movie? Nope, we haven't done that either.

However, this woman certainly has, and she's gone to a lot of effort to keep her sister entertained. Writer Ellie Hawkes has shared a number of pictures with her Twitter followers, which sees her sister dressed up as various characters from a number of iconic movies.

From John McClane in 'Die Hard', to Kevin McCallister in 'Home Alone', to Mae from 'A League of Their Own' who was made famous by Madonna - her cosplay ideas sees her nail each of the characters.

Hawkes told her followers that over the past number of months, her sister would send her "Movie Monday" pictures to make her laugh. The first picture she shared is of Julie Andrews' Maria von Trapp from 'The Sound of Music'.

An impressive Julie Andrews, we have to say. Here are the rest of all those recreations of iconic movie roles for you to brighten up your week.