A woman in Thailand was sent to hospital with serious injuries to her hand after a snake rose up out of the toilet to bite her. 

Rampeung Onlamai, 57, of Samkok, Thailand got a bit of a shock recently when she got out of the shower, only to be greeted by a massive python that had found its way into her bathroom via the medium of the toilet. 

Onlamai didn't have too long to think about the situation however, as the creature immediately went to bite her, sinking its fangs into her hand and, according to The Metro, "attempted to drag her down the drain". 

After grabbing a broom and fighting the snake off, her daughter heard the screaming and managed to get her out, and she was taken to hospital where she needed 20 stitches for the wound she sustained. The snake slithered back down the toilet, apparently, and remains at large. 

So, while we can now never go to the bathroom ever again, we'll at least save some money on the water charges...

Via The Metro. Main pic via Troy Bell/Flickr