Working with the Department of the Taoiseach appears to be a job that has highs and lows...

Late on Tuesday evening, a woman was spotted cleaning the windows of the offices of the Department of the Taoiseach, but not in a very traditional way. 

The woman, dressed in a blazer and high heels, stepped out on to the window ledge, which appears to be at least 60 feet high, to clean a stubborn stain, and was captured by someone who was on hand to snap a quick picture (probably on their phone) from what is most likely the Department of Agriculture. 

Pic via Broadsheet

Pic via Broadsheet

A spokesperson for the department said that the member of staff had been spoken to about the incident, and "has been reminded of their obligations under the Safety, Health and Welfare Act". However, they did not respond when asked what the member of staff's job title was, and added that it would be inappropriate to comment on the pictures without knowing the context. 

Via BroadsheetThe Evening Herald. Main pic via Wikipedia