Birthing plans are nothing new for expectant mothers, but this one has us a little bit baffled.

Dorina Rosin is planning on giving birth to her child in the Sirius Institute in Hawai'i. So far, so normal. Right? Wrong.

The Sirius Institute offers a "dolphin-attended birthing centre" where mothers birth their child in the ocean where dolphins are basically swimming around them. "Since birthing in water is beneficial, and dolphins are able to heal or improve a wide range of medical conditions, it is reasonable to suppose that their presence at water births could be beneficial," states their official website.

Ah-huh. Right.

Rosin, who runs a spiritual retreat, believes that giving birth to her child near dolphins will enable said child to communicate with them. Because that's a sentence that makes complete and utter sense and doesn't require one jot of explanation whatsoever. Nope. Totally logical reasoning right there, folks.

Rosin explains that "in 2011 and 2014 I had the privilege to learn from and with wild and free dolphins and Humpback whales in Hawaii who transformed and healed me in a very profound way. I felt deeply called to spend two times three months in nature - mostly by myself - and to deeply connect to this magical place of beauty and transformation inside and outside which called me home."

As you can guess, the Sirius Institute doesn't have many fans. Although water births are becoming more popular, experts agree that they're supposed to take place in a clean environment with sufficient infection control procedures in place and, of course, in the presence of a registered midwife or healthcare professional. Not Ecco the Dolphin. Or Fungi the Dolphin, for that matter.

Local officials in Hawai'i have warned Rosin about the inherent dangers of giving birth in the ocean, especially considering Hawai'i is home to the Great White Shark and various other aquatic predators. Not only that, dolphins can be quite aggressive when they want to be.

Just recently as a few months ago, Dusty the Dolphin in Claregalway attacked swimmers who attempted to get up close with the mammal.