A 26-year-old Australian mother of three is facing a jail sentence of up to 18 months after allegedly squirting milk at an officer directly from breast. Yup, Australia is still up there beating the rest of the world at being ridiculous.

Erica Leeder was arrested and taken to Rockingham Police Station in Western Australia on March 25 on an outstanding warrant where, after an "altercation", a female officer had breast milk "squirted on her face, arms and uniform" according to the Mirror.

Leeder is currently out on bail pending the court's decision after spending three weeks behind bars over the incident. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry and there's not much that I can say besides the fact that I wasn't really myself at the time" she told press outside Perth Magistrates Court yesterday. "It wasn't really something that I went in with thoughts of malice about."

Leeder will appear again in court in May.