Hugh Jackman's entrance on to Oprah didn't entirely go to plan yesterday, when he ploughed into a lighting rig. Thems the perils when you hurl yourself off the Sydney Opera House.

Oprah is currently filming Down Under as part of the celebrations for the final season of The Oprah Winfrey Show, which will come to an end next year (11). The TV titan has enlisted the help of her famous friends for the recordings at Sydney Opera House, but production came to an abrupt halt yesterday when Jackman was injured.

Wolverine swung on a zip line from the top of the building's famous sails, but he failed to stop in time and went crashing into a light. Paramedics rushed to his aid to treat a nasty cut below his right eye, but the actor refused to let the injury slow him down and took to the stage for his scheduled chat with Winfrey as soon as medical staff had stemmed the bleeding. He told the talk show host, "That was so much fun until the end. I came down waving to everyone, looking over Sydney Harbour, saw my dad, the kids and you, went to pull the brake and then boing... I'm OK... It doesn't hurt." Unlike his pride.

Who better than the Australians to regale the tale (here be the video footage). They were typically sympathetic, which wasn't surprising considering their on site reporter looked like he was fresh off the range, lassoing a lamb with one hand and downing a tinny with the other. Not that that's blatant sterotyping, or anything.