Or at least, that's what everyone thinks after his name and image were removed from Chinese social media sites over the weekend.

Users of Weibo, China's bigger and better version of Twitter, and the messaging app WeChat (think WhatsApp) reported that posts including the Chinese name of Winnie the Pooh were censored and that GIFs of him were also removed.

And while no explanation has been given for the censorship, many think it's because of ongoing comparisons by users of the bear to Chinese president XI Jinping.

According to FT.com, it's another step in ongoing online censorship in the country.

"Historically, two things have been not allowed: political organising and political action. But this year a third has been added to the list: talking about the president," said Qiao Mu, assistant professor of media at Beijing Foreign Studies University, adding "I think the Winnie issue is part of this trend."

"It’s very murky what’s allowed and what isn’t, because officials never put out statements describing precisely what will be censored."

Clearly no one trying to keep the photos offline has heard of the Barbra Streisand effect.