And here we are again with the free shtuff.

Last week, we set ourselves a target. We wanted our 7,200 Facebook fans to recommend us to their friends, and - when we reached 8,000 - we'd pick 5 people at random and award them with €100 quid each. It took us less than a day to reach 8000 fans. In fact, such a stellar job was done by viewers that we've accumulated almost an additional 2,000 fans in less than a week, bringing us to over 9,000 fans. Now, who says money doesn't buy you friendship...

This time around, the five lucky recipients of €100 each aaaaare:

Irene Lawlor
Peter O'Brien
Niall Meehan
Karen Hanley
Deirdre Fagan

All five winners have been notified via a message sent to their Facebook account. If you know any of the above, it might be an idea to invite them out for drinks. Then "mislay" your wallet.

Indeed we shall be undertaking a new Facebook competition shortly, do stay tuned.