Reg Traviss has been cleared of raping a 'friend' at his home almost a year ago.

The director - who was engaged to Amy Winehouse at the time of her death - was cleared on two counts of rape yesterday after a jury at London's Southwark Crown Court acquitted him of attacking the 27-year-old woman in the early hours of New Year's Eve 2011 at his apartment in London.

Upon hearing the verdicts, Reg is reported to have shut his eyes and bowed his head, while cheers from his family and friends could be heard from the public gallery.

When giving evidence Reg, 35, insisted he and the woman, who had been a friend of his, had consensual sex after a night out drinking together and admitted he was "completely and utterly flabbergasted" by the allegations.

The woman had alleged she did not consent to sex and had woken twice to find Traviss raping her.

She had claimed she had been so drunk after going to three bars with him on December 30th she was unable to walk but jurors were shown CCTV footage during the four-day trial that showed the 27-year-old woman walking unaided to the toilet shortly before she left a West End bar where the pair had been drinking. Traviss's lawer, Ian Winter QC, spoke of CCTV footage from the bar that showed her 'perfectly able' to walk: "It shows you coming out with Mr. Traviss, waving goodbye and walking down the path. You pause to chat to the bouncer (security guard), Mr. Traviss turns back to talk to the bouncer again, and as you and he walk off he puts his arm around you to go to get in a taxi. You are perfectly able to walk."

When giving evidence Reg insisted the woman - who cannot be named for legal reasons - had instigated sex after returning to his home after he had offered to sleep on the sofa. He told the court: "She had a big smile on her face. She was being very inviting about me coming and getting into bed with her. She was someone that I knew and trusted. If she didn't then I would just go to sleep. But pretty much straight away we started kissing and touching each other."

The woman admitted kissing her alleged attacker after he walked her to a nearby underground station the day after but said she didn't want to be 'rude' and ask what had happened. She said: "When I woke up that afternoon I was confused and not sure if it was a dream or I had been raped. When I left I didn't want to ask Reg in case it came across really rude. It was only when I got home I thought about it again and realised what had happened."

She then went out with friends to celebrate New Year's Eve (31.12.11). She said: "I didn't want to be at home miserable thinking about it."

The sexual assault was first reported on January 18 and Reg was arrested on April 5 by the Metropolitan Police.

Speaking outside the court yesterday, Traviss said: "I’m just relieved it’s all over. The whole process has been crazy. The person that made that complaint, wasn’t investigated, she wasn’t looked into. I don’t think it should have gone past the police investigation. I have no idea why she did it but she did. I feel numb and betrayed."