Back in September, Amy Winehouse punched a dancer in the face for "politely" asking if she could have her photograph taken with her at the Berkeley Square Ball in London's Mayfair.

The trial, which is expected to last two days, kicked off yesterday and Amy broke out the beehive for the occasion - but not without reason. It would seem the defense case is based solely on the 5ft 3" singer being threatened by the 5ft 7" Sherene Flash. The beehive makes Amy appear bigger than she actually is, you see. Apparently she spends a lot of time cowering under there. This is what she had to say to the judge regarding her choice of attire yesterday: "These are the very shoes I was wearing that night. Look - these don't even have a sole, they don't have a heel. I am probably 5ft 2½ to three. And my hair DOES make a difference." Then surely it would've been more logical not to wear the beehive to court, therefore highlighting just how small she is... ah, drugs.

Yesterday, Flash's lawyer - one Mr. Thompson - said perhaps what irked Amy into lashing out was because his client's "drunken friend called Kieran Connelly" tried to "get into the photo which Miss Flash was taking". Mr. Thompson volunteered: "It may be that it was that that annoyed Miss Winehouse. Miss Winehouse may have felt she had generously agreed to be photographed on her own and not with a drunken stranger... (however) This was a deliberate assault by Miss Winehouse. There was nothing accidental about Miss Winehouse's actions. She reacted badly to a polite request" and "needs to develop strategies to deal with unwanted attention".

Amy (who, according to The Sun, "cracked her knuckles and sang to herself as she waited in the witness box to give evidence") meanwhile said Flash "lunged at her to pose as a male took a photo"... Sorry, bit lost. Who took the what now? Or did (aptly named) Flash try to take a load of photos - some with her in them, and then some with her drunken mate, Kev? Why am I even asking these questions? ARGH.

Anyway, this is what Amy had to say: "She was bigger than me. I pushed my arm upwards. I just wanted to get her away. I was scared... Suddenly, out of nowhere, she's got her arm around me, her face next to mine, and there's a camera in front of me. I was like, 'Hello? Do I get a choice in this. Hello."

Yeah, that must've been a shock for her alright. Sure doesn't every single paparazzi ask her permission before they take her photo - before the publish it in a newspaper or magazine...
Possibly one of the most pointless trials ever, which is a huge drain on resources (it only took a mere gaggle of "eight cops" to mind her while she had a smoke outside the court yesterday), continues today.

UPDATE: She's been let off (shocker). When delivering his verdict, the judge said: "Having heard the evidence from all the witnesses, I cannot be sure that this was not an accident. The charge is dismissed and the defendant discharged."