According to The Sun - that's not Impetigo on Amy's face... it's much more putrid than that. Seemingly it's an infection which resulted from the singer deliberately stubbing a cigarette out on her face while dining in a restaurant: "The gross piece of self-harming came in front of stunned diners in a London restaurant. The troubled star was with pals when she was asked three times by staff to put out her Marlboro Light (cue lots of packets winging their way to The Sun's HQ) because of the smoking ban. As she received her final warning, Amy stared straight into the waitress’s eyes and pushed the burning tip of the fag into her own face." A witness said: "She hardly flinched because she was so high. The whole place was open-mouthed in horror... She was so out of it that she didn’t feel the pain - everyone else looked completely stunned. The waitress covered her mouth in shock and just walked off to tell the manager. It was a shocking sight." Maybe it's the only way she can feel close to her Blakey considering it's being reported his slashes away at a tattoo he has of his wife whenever she fails to turn up at visiting time. These people need a bit of bloody perspective - you'd swear they were the only individuals on earth to have known torment. Crawl out of your naval dwelling bubbles and stop putting innocent people off one of life's simple pleasures - mealtime.