What's this? We're randomly giving away vouchers now? Brilliant. What's the occasion? Oh, there isn't one... we'll just sporadically decide to put up a WIN segment in the Gossip Section for our loyal gossip viewers whenever the whim takes us, and Y'ALL are in with a chance to get your mitts on vouchers. There's a catch... The best comment posted under the WIN segment - between a certain time period - gets the voucher.

OK, to recap, I've been informed we're giving away vouchers for the best comment left under this gossip segment. Today's hot gossip topic is Susan Boyle. Apparently she's having a breakdown and producers are fearing she might have a shimmy laden expletive fest during tomorrow night's BGT final. Assuming she pulls through with her faculties intact, she quite possibly has lucrative career ahead of her. So, the question is; what will be the first brand to scoop her up?

Tiger Woods is the face of Gillette. David Beckham is the underpants of Armani. Who will enlist one of Susan Boyle's body parts first? The viewer to post the most innovation and entertaining scenario below before midnight tonight will have the voucher posted out to them. May the force be with you.