Hmmmm. There's three unwarranted Rumer Willis related stories circling the net today. She must have a film in the offing... *totters over to Mike's desk* Yep, a couple of things due out soon, namely From Within and The House Bunny. Upon further inspection of IMDB, she's also working on something called Slightly Single in LA and Whore... She must want to display her range. Anyway, as has become customary, if someone has a film or album coming out, they suddenly start opening up to the press. Here's what Demi and Bruce's eldest has to say for herself and it's refreshingly funny.

Of her sexuality, she said: "If people call me a lesbian because I have short hair and I wear jeans instead of dresses, then by all means run with it. I think it's hilarious. I like guys."

Of her home life, she said: "We all have so much fun together. I’m so lucky. My dad and Ashton get along - it's not weird (just because something doesn't feel weird doesn't mean it isn't. But you seem happy so we'll leave you off). There's no jealousy or drama. If we weren't all entirely morally opposed to doing a reality show, I guarantee it would be the best-selling reality show ever."

Of her name, she said: "My sisters, Scout and Talullah, had cute nicknames. I got screwed. When I was 12 and had crushes on guys, I'd put my first name with their last name, but it never sounded right. Rumer Depp? Nope. In school, kids would sing, 'Rumer, Rumer with a big hairy tumor.' "

Lastly, of being named one of People magazine's 100 Most Beautiful this year, she said: "After being compared to Jay Leno for so long, you don't think of yourself in that way."