So apparently is into the technology. is getting in to the wearable technology market with his latest product the PULS, a watch-like device that fits around your wrist and has all the features of a smartphone, without needing to be connected to one.

Today, he's been tweeting about it hitting the market, and how he has collaborated with various people to bring out an affordable product that's also luxurious. It is, he claims, "a device designed through the lens of fashion & through collaborations".

Speaking this morning at the Challenges of our Era conference, and Naveen Jain mentioned the new device and how technology can make a huge impact on people's lives as we move further into the 21st century. Their device promises to allow you to play music, send messages, make and receive calls and explore social media, all from a touchscreen cuff on your wrist.

i.amPULS Demo from i.amPULS on Vimeo.

It's sure to have plenty of competition between Samsung, Microsoft and Apple, but maybe it will come loaded with a free Black Eyed Peas album as a sweetener, perhaps. That worked a treat for U2...