In case you're wondering, we're talking about Limerick TD and famed moustache owner Willie O'Dea, not some other Willie O'Dea you might have heard of.

In an interview with the Irish Sun, O'Dea admonished the star of A Nightmare On Elm Street and Sleepy Hollow for referring to his home city as Stab City. Depp wrote the foreword for In The Name Of The Son, a new biography about Gerry Conlon and the reference came when describing a wild night out in Limerick.

"Our brief pit stop proved to be one of the most chaotic nights that I ever remember. Suffice to say we conquered Stab City,” wrote Depp. As O'Dea tells it, "Johnny Depp is speaking from the depths of his ignorance here, talking as if Limerick is somewhere to be conquered."

"People think twice about libelling an individual, but you seem to be able to get away with libelling a whole city of people." 

O'Dea went on, even offering to take Depp on a tour of the city. "I would love him to come to Limerick so I could show him the real city. I’m not sure what sort of pub Johnny was in before, but this time we could visit some of the upmarket bars on the riverfront."

Tell you what, there's a Rubberbandits song in this if it actually comes to pass that Johnny Depp makes a trip to Limerick City and parties with Willie O'Dea.


Via The Irish Sun