It's been an interesting few weeks in the life of Will Smith, following the revelation that he and his (ex?) wife Jada Pinkett Smith had been separated and living apart for the last seven years.

The news came to light following interviews that Pinkett Smith had conducted around the publication of her memoir 'Worthy', and eyes have turned to her superstar actor husband - particularly regarding 'The Slap', which took place at last year's Oscars.

While Smith has not addressed the issue head-on yet, he has issued a statement on Instagram - which undoubtedly reeled in millions who expected him to comment on the matter.

Instead, the video - which has 'Official Statement' written across it - sees a serious-looking Smith open with the line 'So, my opinion on the....' before pausing to sneeze.

The camera then pans back... and back... and back until Smith is a tiny speck in the distance.

Epic trolling, to be fair.

Watch it below: