Fans of Will Ferrell's back catalogue will appreciate the return of one of his iconic characters from the 2008 comedy 'Semi Pro'.

That's right, Jackie Moon himself once again stepped foot on to the court as a guest of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors ended up beating the LA Clippers last night in the Chase Centre in San Francisco, which was no doubt inspired by Ferrell's appearance.

Moon also shot some hoops with NBA legend Steph Curry, showing him some tricks from back in his Flint Tropics days.

Have a look at his incredibly nonchalant runout onto the court:

To be fair to Ferrell, he showed he's absolutely still got it with this lovely swish from downtown.

'Semi Pro' came out in 2008 and starred Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, Will Arnett and Andre 3000. Although it's not Ferrell's most memorable or well-regarded title, it remains a cult classic.

Set in 1976, 'Semi Pro' follows Jackie Moon, a singer who used the profits from his one-hit wonder, "Love Me Sexy", to buy a basketball team in the American Basketball Association (ABA). He becomes the Flint Tropics owner, head coach, starting power forward, and pre-game announcer.

As of this year it is still the one and only film directed by Kent Alterman.

Warriors player Klay Thompson, just back from long term injury, said after Ferrell's appearance:

"Through my rehab I would watch Semi-Pro when I had a dark day, and that movie would always keep me in a good light. So I appreciate his coming out and…What a hooper. He can play!"