Yet another reason not to be a cheater in life.

A recent episode of Sex Sent Me To The ER featured the unfortunate story of Thomas, a man who was not only caught cheating, but got his comeuppance in the form of an incredibly powerful kick to the groin. 

The doctor who saw Thomas in the hospital was suspicious that his symptoms might have been the result of a straddle injury. He explained that "if somebody is walking on a fence or climbing either side of a fence and they drop down legs with their legs on either side, it will sometimes cause a scrotal or straddle injury", and suspected that there might have been some S&M type of thing going on.

However, as he and his partner were unwilling to answer the question of how this happened and tried to dodge the issue, things took a turn for the worse for aul Tom. Again, we'll turn to the doctor for the full explanation: "As they bickered, his scrotum has gone from a regulation softball to about the size of a cantaloupe to a volleyball and it's getting blacker. He can’t even put his legs together. This is a potentially very serious injury". 

At this point, Caroline bursts into the cubicle (a woman that worked with Thomas) and it turns out that they'd been having an affair. Alicia (his wife) caught him cheating, and put the smackdown on his groin so hard with a big boot that it caused the incredibly painful injury. 

The two women apparently exchanged some unpleasant words as the doctor told Tom that he was going to need surgery to drain the blood, although on the plus side his testes weren't ruptured. Every cloud, eh?

Via BroBible, The Mirror