Did we miss something? Is she part of the 'In' crowd in Hollywood now? If there's one celebrity we've no qualms in saying we full on HATE, (OK hate may be slightly harsh a word) it's Melanie Brown, aka Mel B from The Spice Girls. She was the WORST when she guest judged on The X Factor and she's probably still the worst now. She was beyond rude and had zero sense of humour and not that this is her fault or anything but her voice goes through our heads.

Why the HELL was she at Kim Kardashian's baby shower? Did she take up the gap on the guestlist when Beyonce kindly declined?

We're not surprised to see Kelly Osbourne with her purple granny rinse in attendance; she's celebrity BFFs with just about everyone. Or Nicole Richie. But Mel B? Mel B must be to Kim what Kim is to Beyonce: the annoying friend who's totally just sponging off your company to get ahead for themselves.

Kanye West was also at the shindig, though it's supposed to be all about the gals at your average baby shower. Sources tell HollywoodLife.com that he looked less than pleased to be there. But how would you feel spending an afternoon in the company of Scary Spice? We can just imagine the awkward, disjointed conversation amongst the guests as Kanye sulks in the corner no doubt dressed in a leather kilt.

Kim is said to have an 'oh my Gosh, ah-MAY-zing day', taking to Twitter to share her disbelief at all the presents she was given (yeah right, as IF you didn't make everyone tick a box on your present list): 'WOW an amazing baby shower! So much luv there Thank u @KrisJenner @KourtneyKardash @KhloeKardashian Shelli & Allison Azoff 4 the magical day.

'Truly such a special day. I honestly feel so blessed and filled with so much love! (sic)'

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