It's many a lad who'd fantasize about smooching the face off one Miss Cheryl Cole when the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve. As per both The Sun and The Daily Mail, one lucky chungfella from London claims he not only got a snuggle off the former Girls Aloud star on December 31st, but a smooch on the lips too. Having instantly become the envy of his mates (and just about every man in existence with a penchant for Cheryl), Tom Julius rang in the New Year at a party in Cape Town, which a dressed down Cheryl was also attending.

Cheryl took to her own Instagram to share a series of photos of those with whom she'd be belting out a Newcastle rendition of 'Auld Lang Syne', among which was the 20 year old (toyboy? Controversial..) Tom.

It was straight to The Sun for Tom, who beamed: 'Always nice to spend the NYE countdown dancing with Cheryl Cole. Can't really get much better! I got a kiss on the lips which was pretty great. My mates are really jealous.' Tom is the one in the middle on the left.

Well it's all downhill from here, mate. Happy New Year!