Ever watched New Girl and think, "I'd like Jess's wardrobe?" Well now you can because the manic pixie dream girl herself, Zooey Deschanel, has gone ahead and designed a capsule collection of dresses and accessories with Tommy Hilfiger.

Zooey has used her recognisable, quirky Jess-like signature style as inpiration for the red, white and blue based designs. The collection is strongly influnced by the whimsical aspect of the sixties - the decade when Hilfiger made his name - and touches of mod-shapes combined with a hint of the nautical, with the end look being described by Zooey as 'modical'. And you know what? We like.

Although the complete collection has 16 dresses only 6 can be found in the EU (aww!) Never mind though, we'll take what we can get. We're after the white/spotty dress. And the red and top, skater style blue and white striped skirt dress. Hell, who are we kidding, we want them all!

The collection will be available on tommy.com from TODAY and in select Tommy Hilfiger stores from April 14th.