Well whaddaya know, burbling a load of kack whenever a microphone is thrust in your direction can come back and nip you playfully on the posterior. Who knew.

Michael Bay is blanking Megan Fox when it comes to Transformers 3. Or, if you're a traumatised 14-year-old boy reading this, Megan is blanking Michael. To quote Mike's article: "Variety are this morning reporting that Megan Fox has been given the boot from Transformers 3. Fox in return is saying she left, and the whole thing is creating a big fat media frenzy, with Gemma Arterton now reportedly in negotiations to be Shia LaBeouf's new totty. In something that feels like it has come out of Entourage, Fox apparently pissed off Michael Bay whilst doing press for the second film, comparing working with him to that of famous angry bastard, Adolf Hitler. Bay in return mumbled something about her being only 23, then probably went back to watching hot women clean his car in slow motion."

Given Fox has been little more than attractively formed flesh running around in tight white jeans, there is a veritable onslaught of pretty vessels eligible to wriggle into her slightly smudged vest. Here is a list of every hot young thing breathing in Hollywood at the moment, and it comes courtesy of the good folks at aintitcool.com. Really, it was just an excuse for them to create a gallery of scantily clad females.

Enter the clones! We have: Emmanuelle Chriqui from Entourage; Jessica Lowndes from 90210; Zoe Saldana from Avatar/Star Trek; Hayden Panetierre from Heroes; Camille Belle from 10,000 BC; Ashley Greene from Twilight Saga; Amber Heard from Zombieland; Julianne Hough of blonde and American fame; Vanessa Hudgens from Highschool Musical; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Bar Rafaeli andMiranda Kerr from various catwalks; and the person reputed to land the role - Gemma Arterton from Prince of Persia.

All attainable, average looking souls.