Katy Perry's preacher mawhm is shopping a "critical tell-all book" about her famous daughter, according to US reports. Mary Perry Hudson, for what it's worth, says she "disagrees with a lot of choices [Katy] makes in her career" in the biography. Her mother's book proposal states: "Amid a torrent of negative reports from tabloid magazines and entertainment shows, Mary Hudson wants to tell 'her story' and dispel a lot of rumours. Katy's success has impacted her ministry in both negative and positive ways. She loves her daughter very much and is very proud of her accomplishments, but disagrees with a lot of choices she makes in her career."

The I'll Say I Kissed A Girl singer married former sex-addict Russell Brand last year and has told how she "spoke in tongues" when she was growing up with mother Mary and her father, Keith, also a preacher. No wonder she was popular with Russell...

Let's have some more from the proposal, shall we? "This memoir is her story, in her own words. Mary and Keith Hudson have been Christian Evangelists long before the world every heard of Katy Perry. This memoir is to set the record straight. It is not Christian proselytizing or a Katy Perry tell-all. It is the story of Mary Perry Hudson." Who NO one would be interested in, if it weren't for Katy Perry.

Then again, Katy invariably has final say on anything that went into the book, much like Madonna did with her brother's tell all, and Britney Spears did with her mother's tell all. It's all part of the greater plan to carve careers for pushy immediate family members, the usual.