Don't worry, this isn't one of those horrible obesity stories about a woman stuck to her couch, but more so about a woman in Leeds who has a pretty nifty job, if you're a pie-lover that is.

Emma Ainsley is a product development manager for Asda, and as part of her job she has to taste all the new recipes and ingredients that the supermarket are currently working on. And one of the things they make a lot is pies, so in any given week she can eat up to 200 of them. That's two hundred pies, in five days. Talking to the Mirror she said 'I am a fan of pies, so it's a dream job for me. On average, I eat around 30 to 35 pies a week, but if we're developing a new range I can eat up to 200 a week. I try to balance my diet the best I can, but it can be hard when you're eating them every day from 9 to 5. I've been lucky and have somehow managed not to put on any weight but, if I've had a heavy day at work, I have something light for my tea'. She was also previously a pizza tester.

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