To be fair, Kim's also reportedly bagged herself a place on Big Brother India... But that still pales in comparison to her little sister turning down a chance to walk in the latest Victoria's Secret show because Chanel want her to model on the same day. Hmmmm, being head hunted by Chanel and Victoria's Secret, or having your arse melded with Homer Simpson's face... It's a difficult choice.

According to Sky News, Kim will enter the Indian version of Big Brother - Big Boss - when it commences its eighth series next week. A statement from entertainment channel Colors quoted Kardashian saying: "Namaste India... main Kim Kardashian aa rahi hoon India... Bigg Boss ke ghar mein." She's not gone bats, she was in fact speaking in hindi. It roughly translates as: "Greetings, India. I, Kim Kardashian, am coming to India, to the house of Bigg Boss."

It's not known how long she'll stay in the house for. Considering Pamela Anderson lasted 3 days the time she was on, we'll hazard a guess around 45 minute mark.

Kendall, meanwhile, is not only turning down appearing on Victoria's Secret latest fashion show 'cause Chanel also happened to be looking for her to model, she's also after landing a gig as the face of Estee Lauder.  And she didn't even have to get totally naked on the internet, several times over. That's refreshing.